2013 Svalbard ski-mountaineering expedition

On May 2nd, Bas de Nooijer, Arthur Glaser, Han Welten, Amon van den Borg and Maarten van Noorden have left to Svalbard for a short but intensive expedition. They are planning to make a number of new ski mountaineering tours in different areas where little or no skiers have left their tracks. The focus will be on ski mountaineering and finding beautiful routes and descents. At 77-79 degrees latitude, the area is considered to have the most northern ski-mountains in the world. And Longyearbyen, the starting point, is considered the most northern inhabited place. The challenge will not only lie in ski mountaineering new routes, but also in the extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the distances between the three basic camps are large and there is a risk of polar bears visiting the camp. Besides making trips, they will also test several new products, including a snow-kite and a high efficiency solar panel. Furthermore, there is a motorized paraglide along for aerial photo and video recordings.


Contact: MvanNoorden  at Hotmail dot com